Featured Korean Skincare Collection

Always at the cutting-edge of Asian innovation, where South Korea leads the rest of the industry eventually follows.  Renowned for their high-maintenance, myriad-step skin care rituals – and flawless complexions – Korean women leave no stone unturned on their quest for younger-looking, flawless skin.

Barefection are proud to bring you some of their well tried and tested and well loved skincare products from well-known cult South Korean cosmetic brands and others that can be slotted into your own skincare routine mornings and nights. Each product with their unique properties to effectively cleanseexfoliate, tone, hydrate blemish care, treat and nourish, moisturise, pamper and protect your skin. 
If you haven't tried Korean skincare products before now or want to try out their multi-step skincare routine, why not dip your toe into the Korean skincare world and see how they can benefit your skin.
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