Skincare for Acne prone skin type at Barefection

Acne-prone skin can be something we have to deal with in our teenage or adult years. Whatever the case, the key to caring for acne-prone skin is to properly cleanse, control oil production, reduce bacterial growth, and hydrate the skin.

At Barefection, we've handpicked products that could help with your acne care journey.
Below is a selection of our product offerings. Everything from non-greasy cleansers, to hydrating toners, to treatment serums and essences, to lightweight emulsions and lotions, and the all-important non-pore clogging sunscreens for each step in your AM and PM skincare routines.
We chose each product for its lightweight hydrating texture and specific formula with actives that not only help to soothe and calm the skin but also brighten up those pesky dark marks that acne often left behind.

Skincare is a self-care journey but if you're dedicated and consistent with your skincare routines, your skin will thank you in the end.